User Guide

First a short warning: the term ‘user guide’ might be a bit misleading: this part of the documentation simply covers everything but what is documented directly in the source - the latter can be found in the Tenpy Reference.

Library overview

The root directory of this git repository contains the following folders:


The actual source code of the library. Every subfolder contains an file with a summary what the modules in it are good for. (This file is also necessary to mark the folder as part of the python package. Consequently, other subfolders of the git repo should not include a file.)


Simple toy codes completely independet of the remaining library (i.e., codes in tenpy/). These codes should be quite readable and intend to give a flavor of how (some of) the algorithms work.


Some example files demonstrating the usage and interface of the library.


A folder containing the documentation: the user guide is contained in the *.rst files. The online documentation is autogenerated from these files and the docstrings of the library. This folder contains a make file for building the documentation, run make help for the different options. The necessary files for the reference in doc/reference can be auto-generated/updated with make src2html.


Contains files with test routines, to be used with pytest. If you are set up correctly and have pytest installed, you can run the test suite with pytest from within the tests/ folder.


This folder is not distributed with the code, but is generated by (or, respectively). It contains compiled versions of the Cython files, and can be ignored (and even removed without loosing functionality).