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  • type: function, run_defaults, identifier_list=None)[source]

Read command line arguments and turn into useable dicts.

Uses default values defined at: - model class for model_par - here for sim_par - executable file for run_par Alternatively, a model_defaults dictionary and identifier_list can be supplied without the model

NB: for setup_executable to work with a model class, the model class needs to define two things:
  • defaults, a static (class level) dictionary with (key, value) pairs that have the name of the parameter (as string) as key, and the default value as value.

  • identifier, a static (class level) list or other iterable with the names of the parameters to be used in filename identifiers.


mod (model | dict): Model class (or instance) OR a dictionary containing model defaults run_defaults (dict): default values for executable file parameters identifier_list (ieterable, optional) | Used only if mod is a dict. Contains the identifier



model_par, sim_par, run_par (dicts) : containing all parameters. args | namespace with raw arguments for some backwards compatibility with executables.