• full name: tenpy.models.lattice

  • parent module: tenpy.models

  • type: module


Chain(L, site, **kwargs)

A chain of L equal sites.

Honeycomb(Lx, Ly, sites, **kwargs)

A honeycomb lattice.

IrregularLattice(mps_sites, based_on[, order])

A variant of a regular lattice, where we might have extra sites or sites missing.

Kagome(Lx, Ly, sites, **kwargs)

A Kagome lattice.

Ladder(L, sites, **kwargs)

A ladder coupling two chains.

Lattice(Ls, unit_cell[, order, bc, bc_MPS, …])

A general, regular lattice.

SimpleLattice(Ls, site, **kwargs)

A lattice with a unit cell consiting of just a single site.

Square(Lx, Ly, site, **kwargs)

A square lattice.

Triangular(Lx, Ly, site, **kwargs)

A triangular lattice.

TrivialLattice(mps_sites, **kwargs)

Trivial lattice consisting of a single (possibly large) unit cell in 1D.



Given the name of a Lattice class, create an instance of it with gi.

get_order(shape, snake_winding[, priority])

Built the Lattice.order in (Snake-) C-Style for a given lattice shape.

get_order_grouped(shape, groups)

Variant of get_order(), grouping some sites of the unit cell.

Module description

Classes to define the lattice structure of a model.

The base class Lattice defines the general structure of a lattice, you can subclass this to define you own lattice. The SimpleLattice is a slight simplification for lattices with a single-site unit cell. Further, we have some predefined lattices, namely Chain, Ladder in 1D and Square, Triangular, Honeycomb, and Kagome in 2D.

See also the Introduction to models.